September 2011: Persuasion Strategies Workshop

This entertaining presentation introduces some of the key foundations of persuasion and concretely demonstrates through vivid, researched, examples how to readily influence, motivate, and persuade anyone!

In this presentation you will:

  • Learn how to have instant influence.
  • Learn techniques that will allow you to more readily persuade anyone.
  • Understand why people buy … and why they don’t.

Guest speaker:

With over 25 years of sales & marketing experience, Kurian M. Tharakan is a senior member of the business strategy firm Acton Consulting Ltd. He has been involved in the creation of sales and marketing strategy for companies in many industries. Prior to Acton, Mr. Tharakan was the vice-president of sales and marketing for an Alberta-based software firm where his team achieved notable wins with several members of the US Fortune 500.