Mentorship Trio

WISER (Women in Science Engineering and Research) and UA-WiSE (University of Alberta – Women in Science and Engineering) are starting the second year of their mentorship program that will support men and women in various stages of their STEM careers. WISER is pleased to invite professionals to be part of the WISER\UA-WiSE Mentorship Program 2016-2017.

The structure will be trios consisting of one undergraduate student, one graduate student or early-career professional, and one experienced professional. This benefits graduate student or early-career professional to gain some experience mentoring an undergraduate student under the supervision of an experienced mentor. We are currently looking for applicants from academia, industry and government in the Edmonton area.

Feedback from past participants:

  • 96% said they would recommend the program
  • 84% said they found the program helpful in providing help and guidance
  • 80% said they established valuable connections through the program

Program Benefits for Mentors:

  • Networking with other mentors at the three program events
  • Connecting with the new generation of professionals from the University of Alberta
  • Extending your network  with early career professionals
  • Improving your communication and leadership skills
  • Giving back to the STEM community
  • Mentorship hours count towards Professional Developments Credit (PDC) for APEGA & APCA members (Up to 20 PDC)
  • Available childcare for the three events to aid in work-life balance

For more information about the WISER\UA-WiSE Mentorship Program, please visit our website: or email