Webinar Rewind: Keeping Things in Balance During the Pandemic

If you missed the webinar panel discussion on May 5, 2020 about how to keep things in balance during the pandemic, you can watch the video recording now.

Working from home can be difficult when you have your kids to look after, your spouse or partner around 24/7, or even a roommate who just doesn’t know how to stay in their room! How are you managing your mental and physical well-being while juggling between your work and family?

In this webinar, WiSER invited two panelists to share their experiences and tips.


Nader Mowlaee

Nader Mowlaee is the CEO of Engineer Your Mission. He inspired by helping engineers and scientists develop the courage to break away from their fears in order to build confidence and create the ideal life they deserve. He can help you take proactive actions to secure job interviews quickly and landing employment offers. Nader empowers STEM professionals who are in a career transition, helping them upgrade their personal brand and build a network so that employers will find and contact them for job opportunities. He’s also an active member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve

Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve is a professional engineer, university professor, and a diversity & inclusion champion. In April 2019 she was co-awarded the APEGA Summit Award, from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, for her work promoting diversity in the profession. Claudia is the founder of WES: Women in Engineering Summit, and is a professional speaker and corporate trainer specializing in the area of Project Management. She is extra busy teaching classes online during this quarantine, and also attending meetings online for the many non-profit associations she volunteers for.

Video Sections

00:00 – Introduction from WiSER’s moderator
00:53 – Panelist Introduction
04:00 – How do you stay productive?
09:23 – Self-check: are you being productive?
14:35 – Keeping things interesting is not as difficult as you think
21:32 – Advice about staying motivated
32:45 – Help! I’m losing sense of time, day, and dates!
36:40 – Tips for parents who have young kids
42:48 – Family matters, and work matters too.
47:02 – Coping with homeschooling while working
53:05 – Switching to old lifestyle after adapting to new lifestyle
59:20 – Takeaway messages
1:02:16 – Closing Remarks

Watch the recording on Facebook Watch.