Data Science 101 Series: Intro to Tableau (Replay Available)

With the exponential growth of data in the past few years alone, there has been an increasing demand and importance for Tableau in data science.

This event will cover an introduction and basic overview of Tableau, how it’s applied in industry, and a workshop led by Tableau’s Student Ambassador. Attendees will have the opportunity to follow along with the instructor in creating dashboards and charts, and using datasets in Tableau. No previous experience or background in data science is required.

Attendees will need to download and install Tableau before the event. Students can download Tableau for free (up to 1 year) following the instructions provided in the Tableau Student Guide.

For people not affiliated with universities, they may also install for free (up to 15 days) – please download Tableau only 3-4 days before the event to make sure you have access on the day of the event.

Watch Replay

The recording is now on Facebook Watch.

Agenda (All times are in Mountain Time)

5:30 pm: Welcome, WiSER & Speaker Intro
5:40-5:50 pm: Tableau Introduction + Overview
5:50-6:50: Workshop (1 hour)
6:50-7:00 pm: Questions + Wrap Up

Vanessa Tam
Student Ambassador, Tableau

Vanessa is a current Master’s student studying Computer and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, she was a Manager of Business Operations on the Business Insights and Productivity Team at Mastercard. There, she worked with people across the organization to produce insights and analytics to make their organizations run more efficiently. Previously she worked at Optoro, a growth-stage software company, where she was the Manager of Business Intelligence. She was in charge of creating educational tools for the organization, fostering a strong data culture, and ensuring that people were using data responsibly. Vanessa graduated in 2015 from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.



This event is sponsored by BioWare.