WiSER’s Focus Group with Job Seekers & Enverus

How can STEM companies encourage more diverse talents, including women and underrepresented groups, to join their teams? What are some aspects STEM employers should know?

In this virtual event, participants will have a voice to speak about how they think employers can become more inclusive to engage broader audience, from recruiting to retaining. Is it specific wordings in a job posting, or language in an interview process? Or are there other facets that a company should consider?

Event Format

Hosted by WiSER, this event features 9 co-hosts from leading data analytics company, Enverus, who will conduct focus group discussions to learn what potential employees, career professionals, and job seekers think is necessary to foster an inclusive work environment. Each attendee will be placed into a breakout room to facilitate the discussion.

About Enverus

Enverus is the largest “Software as a Service” company solely dedicated to the largest market in the world – Energy. Enverus empowers companies to transform the traditional way of making decisions by accessing world-class intellectual capital, innovative cloud technology and collaborative partnerships. Enverus provides value to customers across the entire energy mix with more than 1,500 professionals dedicated to strife to deliver reliable, cost-effective energy to the world. Enverus is a global company and serves more than 6,000 customers across 50 countries. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in the US, India, Spain, Singapore, U.K and Calgary, Alberta.

Enverus would like to diversify its recruits and encourage more women and minorities to join their company. This focus group event will be a discussion facilitated by representatives from Enverus about how these recruitment strategies could be expanded.

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