WISER (Women in Science, Engineering & Research) is a sub-community of WISEST aimed at serving the needs of early-career professionals. The community is comprised of individuals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from the academia, government, and industry.



to support the retention and advancement of everyone in STEM careers by providing opportunities for networking, mentoring, information exchange, and professional development. To this end, WISER encourages participation of everyone in order to promote gender diversity and awareness.



WISER members are from academia, industry, and government positions in STEM fields at any stage of their careers. WISER welcomes mentors at advanced stages of their careers to participate as “Mentor in Residence” volunteers to early-career professionals. WISER activities are overseen by the WISER Executive Committee.



WISER activities focus on the pillars of the organization:  information exchange, mentoring, and professional development. The topics of these sessions are to be decided in discussions with the members of the WISER community to determine their needs and critical issues. The WISER Executive Committee will then decide, organize, and execute the chosen activities.


Affiliate programs

UA-WiSE (University of Alberta Women in Science and Engineering): a student group that supports all undergraduate students under-represented in fields including science, technology, engineering and mathematics

WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology): a unit of the University of Alberta that has dedicated over 35 years to empowering women in the fields of science, engineering and technology.


Member Testimonials

Why I am excited to be a part of WISER? It is an excellent way to meet people, network, explore career opportunities and gain leadership experience. [At my first event] I was met with a very friendly and welcoming group of people … I was impressed with how much I learnt.
Leola Chow, PhD

As a local entrepreneur in the field of engineering and science, joining the WISER Network has been a very wise choice. The events organized by WISER provide excellent resources for budding professionals in technological fields and a dynamic networking environment. I have made wonderful contacts and been able to share my experiences as a mentor to talented, motivated students who are keen to make a difference.
Shohini Bagchee, P. Eng

Being a part of the WISER Mentor Network has been widely beneficial to me on a personal level. The opportunities to grow professionally, learn from the amazing women around me as well as share my knowledge has and will continue to have a strong impact throughout all stages of my career. This has only been possible through the strong support from industry, government and academia.
Shoma Sinha, PhD

WISER has widened my social network with practical and fun events, and boosted my confidence professionally. Now, I am a working professional, and I would like to help other young women to build their confidence and share my experience.
Shanny Lu

The WISER mentor network provided opportunities to interact with others from across industry, academia, and government. Those connections have been instrumental in informing my career path. Although I’ve now left Edmonton, the connections to many mentors and friends continue.
Sharon L. Barker, PhD, MBA

Evidence of the interest and value in WISER is its track record of holding regularly well-attended events (6-12 events) every year since inception, and attracting a full and engaged volunteer executive team which is committed to the principles of making a difference, and creating a better present and future for all.
Gail Powley, P.Eng.