These are the most frequently asked questions from the public about WiSER. If your questions are not answered here, email us at wiser@ualberta.ca. We will get back to you shortly!

How can I find more information about WiSER’s events?

Check out our News & Events page with all the information about our future, current, and past events. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn!

What are the benefits of being involved with WiSER?

As part of our mission, we provide various opportunities for networking, increasing your exposure to potential mentors and employers, and catalyzing meaningful professional connections. Many of our members have been positively impacted from our programs. We seek advice and input from our members from time to time, so we can gauge our audience’s interest to prepare the best and the most helpful events we can.

I would like to volunteer at WiSER’s events. How can I do that?

We always welcome new volunteers to help us execute our events. We recommend you to first look at our pillar programs and events, and then visit the Get Involved page to learn more about different ways to volunteer with WiSER.

I have expertise in certain area that I think your audience will benefit from. How do I stay in touch?

At WiSER, we take pride in bringing together individuals, each of whom has something special to offer to the community. If you would like to support us as a mentor, a workshop facilitator, or a speaker in an area that you have expertise in, email us at wiser@ualberta.ca. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are the events free?

Generally, yes! Each event is different, and some may have a small fee attached to attendance, while some charge for refundable deposit to hold our participants accountable. However, we aim to keep all of our events accessible to as many people as possible.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience includes graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and early-career professionals. However, some of our events are hosted in collaboration with other organizations (e.g. organizations that target undergraduate students or experienced mentors) that have a broader audience.

Are only women welcomed to the events?

We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion will generate a more creative and productive society. To this end, all our events are open to the public (female, male, non-binary), unless otherwise specified.

What is the difference among WiSER and your affiliated organizations WISEST and UA-WiSE?

WiSER is a sub-community of WISEST, which is a charitable organization at the University of Alberta. UA-WiSE is a student group at the University of Alberta and considers WISEST its parent organization.

Audience-wise, WISEST educates youth ranging from grade 6 to grade 12. UA-WiSE focuses on empowering undergraduate students at universities. WiSER supports graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and early-career professionals to help them with professional development and transition into STEM careers.

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