Get Involved

Take action. Every person has the potential to make a difference. Whether you help us plan and host an event, raise voice on an issue, or join our network of mentors, the actions you take make a loud statement that women and under-represented individuals in STEM matter. What are you waiting for?

Attend an Event

The easiest way to learn about WiSER’s events is to attend one. Throughout the year, WiSER hosts events almost every month to keep the community informed and engaged. All events are open to the public (female, male, non-binary), unless otherwise specified in the event description. Check out our upcoming and past events in the News & Events page.

Sponsor an Event

Corporate, foundation, and personal supports are vital to WiSER’s efforts to provide vast information resources, programming, and new initiatives to our audience. All of our events are accessible, most of which are free of charge, thanks to our sponsors and partners. There are a number of ways for your corporations to support WiSER, whether you become a partner, sponsor a pillar program or a specific event, or provide in-kind support.

Sign Up for Updates

With more than 650 subscribers from the academia, industry, and government, WiSER keeps its members up to date with the monthly newsletter. Each issue includes opportunities, upcoming events, and news that are relevant to STEM fields. Subscribers also receive first-hand information and sometimes exclusive discounts to our events in the newsletter.

If you have an event or story to share with our audience, please contact by the 10th of the month to have your submission included in our next newsletter.

Volunteer with WiSER

WiSER welcomes individuals at any stages in their career to join our community. We are always looking for volunteers to help with WiSER’s operation. If you would like to volunteer with us, please email at with a short introduction that includes: who you are, why you want to volunteer with WiSER, and what type of volunteering experience you have.

Usually, we invite interested individuals to our next monthly executive meeting so that they can see how WiSER is operated. During the meeting, we ask potential volunteers to introduce themselves, and throughout the meeting, we encourage volunteers to voice their opinions and take lead on event planning. Volunteers who understand WiSER’s mandate and events are the key to the success of all WiSER’s activities.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Are there other ways you think of to get involved but not listed above? We want to hear your ideas! Drop us a message and we will get back to you shortly.

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