Mentorship Program Overview


Each mentor-mentee group consists of a mentor who is established in a specific field, a graduate student or an early-career professional, and an undergraduate student. The trio structure ensures interactions with the mentor/mentee. Trio matching is done by the Mentorship Organizing Committee based on the applicants’ future goals and areas of expertise.

  • Networking with other mentors at the program events
  • Connecting with early-career professionals
  • Improving you communication and leadership skills
  • Giving back to the STEM community
  • Mentorship hours count towards Professional Development Credits (PDC) for APEGA & APCA members (up to 20)

The program runs from October of the current year to March of the subsequent year. Over the duration of the program, there are three formal events we highly recommend each trio to attend:

  1. Launch event to introduce the trios and to provide training to the mentorship program
  2. Panel Discussion where participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific topics with experienced professionals in the academia, industry, and government.
  3. Professional Development Workshop, the topic of which will be surveyed beforehand from the participants.

Each mentorship trio is expected to meet every two months for at least two hours (or monthly for one hour). A total minimum commitment of 12 hours over the duration of the program is required to receive a certification for the program. For each formal event attended, 2 hours will be counted towards the mandatory 12 hours. If a formal event is missed, the time must be made up by the trio through additional independent meetings. Each mentee is required to fill the timesheet to record every meeting with the mentor.


Mentees will be required to pay a $30 deposit that will be refunded once the requirements are completed. Mentees will forfeit their deposit if they fail to complete the program requirements.


We welcome all participants: undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, young professionals and experienced professionals in STEM fields or with an interest in STEM fields.


Please stay tuned for the announcement for the Mentorship Program application.