Mentorship Program mentorship
WiSER launched its mentorship program in September 2015 based on a trio structure (one undergraduate student, one graduate student or early-career professional, and one experienced professional). The program is eight months long and has three events throughout the year. Read More
industry1 Industry Mixer
Industry mixer is held annually at the University of Alberta, and each year, many companies join this event. It is a great networking opportunity for undergraduates, graduates and early-career professionals.
Coffee Night Summer BBQ
This event covers various topics on networking and professional developments and is usually held every few months. Our family friendly event happens during the summer with food and games for everyone.
Professional Development Workshops workshop
WiSER presents several workshops throughout the year aimed at helping you with your professional development. The workshops from the past year and upcoming workshops include:

  • Communication Style and Personality Assessment
  • Negotiating for Success
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Human Rights and Gender Discrimination
panel4o1 Panel Discussions
Different Panel discussions are presented by WiSER. Topics from past panel discussions include:

  • Learn from HR Managers
  • Career Panel
  • Managing Transition